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BIO - architectural Bureau of Ivan Ovchinnikov

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We are going north! To explore architecture, to get acquainted with the traditions of suburban life, to communicate with the architects, going on mountains, skiing and making movies. We are interested in how people live in difficult conditions and how they spend their leisure time, how can a cruel winter affect the society, what kind of problems do people face during the cold season. And first of all we are interested in architecture - how it affects a person and how can a person organize his living space. During the expedition we are going to make some kind of online stories and to make movies.

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20 november 2016.

DD16 – prototype of compact modular house, designed for installation in tight spaces and extreme conditions.

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9 september 2016.

"house under the water" - Installation

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27 january 2016.

New dressers for serial "LAYERS"

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10 august 2015.

DublDom-hut - especially for installation in remote areas.

We are starting to design DublDom-hut - especially for installation in remote areas - high mountains, islands, ponds, areas not accessible to ussual vehicles.
Please, if you have ideas or suggestions for the organization of a compact modular housing for temporary accommodation of tourists - send them to the address
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1 august 2015.

We are looking for partners in the US and other countries that can produce under our technology and develop an affordable, eco-friendly and modern modular architecture!!!

After publications in web about DublDom we were surprised by many likes, reposts, and most importantly - good words about the project!!! Thank you!!!
We receive many letters from around the world! And everyone is asking if is it possible to delive
r DublDom to the US, Africa, Australia? Answer: transportation is technically possible, but it will be many times more expensive than the cost of the house itself, because the modules are transported by truck, and not in a standard shipping container. Therefore, buying the ready DublDom in Russia makes no sense.
BUT !!! We are dreaming to make DublDom available for all over the world, so we are looking for partners in the US and other countries that can produce under our technology and develop an affordable, eco-friendly and modern modular architecture!!!

And we are ready to produce DublDom for Europe in Russia ;)




15 november 2014

First photos of the new series of furniture "NORTH", which was presented to the DESIGN-PICNIC of Club of industrial designers on 15 November.

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21 октября 2014.

We established three modular houses "DublDom" and first time made the model of 40 square meters In Nikola-Lenivets.
Due to the central insert between the two types of modules managed to create two separate rooms, the total height of more than three meters inside and a large number of options for the interior layout. Still remained the principle of openness of the main facade and a large terrace where guests can spend time in the summer.
For the first time in DublDome-40 we used textiles and came up with the design of curtains for front tilt, thus solving the problem of the possibility of overheating from the sun.
The internal layout now allows input from both sides and have a house in the area so that the main entrance was through a blind facade and terrace and a large stained glass window out to the private part of the site, or a steep slope with panoramic views.
Overall height inside the house now makes it possible to mezzanine bedroom or nursery areas in the central room, and in the common room has a place for a large chandelier.
Bathroom has remained in the same configuration - it still has everything you need: shower, vanity, toilet and boiler.
And most importantly - DublDom-40 is still worth less than a million
rubles (20000 euro) and can be assembled on your site for 1-2 days !!!

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October 2014.

This year we were lucky enough to participate in creating the interior of the new office of ACTION. The project, which was founded by a team T + T architects, and the main part of the creative and supervision made ​​Dina Felde, we have developed and produced the majority of interior elements associated with the tree.





2014-07-10 Our new furniture collections

"steel&wood">>>                         "40x40">>>                                  "90x90">>>




We're leaving in industrial design. not return soon :)
One of the areas on which we are working - furniture
collection "ULTRALAM" of LVL-beams.

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We have developed the first modular prefab house - DublDom.

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Completed pavilion in village "Capitan Club".

Last winter, we were visited by customers and put the formidable task - to build a pavilion in the forest part of the site, while retaining all the trees. We took the full design and manufacturing facility.